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Zeta Chi Fraternity

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Minimum Requirements:

  1. GPA
    1. 2.25 Cumulative college GPA
  2. Attend ZX Rush Week Smoker

*It is strongly encouraged that Zeta-hopefuls not only attend ZX events but also seek out active members to discuss their interest with them.

I want you for ZX


Diversity is the unifying factor that unites all brothers. Historically being one of the most diverse groups on campus, Zetas have made it a point to be all-accepting in recruitment but stringent on acceptance. To become a Zeta, it is expected that you will strive for more and be diligent in all areas and disciplines. Although no man is perfect, becoming a Zeta means that you have pledged yourself to always try to be a better man. 

Our expectations as a fraternity, as a family, is that above all else you will be a hardworking member and the best brother you can be. Demographics do not matter, it's the quality of man that matters.


The Pledge Process is a comprehensive 4-week education period, culminating in a final Initiation Week. The point of this process is for the pledges (new initiates) to learn the intricate details of the fraternity and it's history; about the current active members and who they are; and last but not least to learn about the men that they are pledging with.

Throughout the pledge process three core values are stressed upon pledges: Unity, Loyalty, & Perseverance.