Service - Strength - Scholarship - Spirituality - Mercy

Zeta Chi Fraternity

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About Us

The Zeta Chi Fraternity was organized in the Spring of 1933 by 14 men of like interests who decided their aims and ideals could be fostered for the benefit of the entire student body. As the first student founded Greek Organization at Lakeland University the core members established an organization that truly supported the needs of students, and evangelized the meaning of brotherhood.
Basic Details

Greek Translation: ζητούσι χαρίζεσθαι
Founded: 1933
Mascot: The Sheep
Colors: White and Gold
Cardinal Virtues: Service, Strength, Scholarship, Spirituality, and Mercy.
Motto: I Seek to Serve
Slogan: Above All Others
Symbolism in Zeta Chi:
I Seek to Serve as a Zeta, you will serve. You will serve your school, your brothers, and your community. The brothers of the Zeta Chi fraternity go above and beyond the Lakeland University community service institutional requirements.  

Above All Others envelopes the ideology behind a brother's pledge. That as a Zeta, your brotherhood-your family-comes  first. Above all others you will protect, cherish, and support not only your individual brothers but Zeta Chi as a whole.

Herman Standard:
The Herman Standard is a guideline that establishes the basic criteria for a Zeta Brother. A Zeta is judged based on the type of man he is, as a fraternity we look for a man who envelopes the four core characteristics. No Zeta is perfect, or expected to be perfect, but they are expected to hold themselves accountable to these essential values in order to insure continued quality within the brotherhood.


A Zeta always behaves as a gentleman. In all disciplines in life, he represents the ideal man, holding his actions above that of those that surround him while treating all those around him with the utmost respect.


A Zeta acts as a leader in all disciplines of his life. A Zeta understands that being a leader does not mean always being at the front of the pack but also being able to facilitate those in which he leads to lead themselves.


A Zeta is humble in all journeys and interactions in life. A Zeta seeks to serve all those that surround him, giving back to the brotherhood, all communities of life, and his fellow man.


A Zeta always seeks to eliminate ignorance, in both his personal life and the lives in those around him. Both diligent in study and service a Zeta is always developing and improving. A Zeta’s only enemy in life is stagnation, and as such recognizes that there is always room for improvement.